Saturday, August 19, 2006

graph of word co-occurrences in AOL data (threshold=5000)

This image was generated using graphviz on a Mac, default settings. Word co-occurrances with at least 5000 instances are represented as arcs. (see previous
post for details). This is a portion of the complete image.
The full version is at

maximal connected subgraph of AOL co-occurrences (threshold=10000)

The AOL user query strings [1] were analyzed to count the number of times each word appears with each other word in a query, i.e., counts of"co-occurrences". (Each part of a domain name or URL is treated as a separate word. Words with less than three characters, and the words "for", "the", "www" and "com" where ignored.) The result can be drawn as a graph, where nodes are words and arcs mean they co-occur at least 10000 times in the ~20 million-query database. This image shows the largest connected subgraph of the result, rendered using graphviz.

[1] G. Pass, A. Chowdhury, C. Torgeson, "A Picture of Search" The First International Conference on Scalable Information Systems, Hong Kong, June, 2006.